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LINK-UP 2 LIFT-UP tells about the problems that institutional racism creates for African Americans. This wokebook details “how to” develop creative solutions to our individual and
collective problems. LINK-UP 2 LIFT-UP is written from an emic perspective with both objective content and subjective experiences that (a) examine how African Americans are regarded in the United States, (b) address the diverse types of African Americans, and (c) share personal stories that reflect how Africentric models, techniques, and resources can help African Americans overcome the unique problems that our soci-ethnic group face so that we can meet our individual and collective goals.

Our Values


Effective leadership requires both biological and innate traits, such as charisma, personality, intelligence, etc.; as well as, environmental factors and behaviors, such as clarifying, monitoring, coaching, developing, empowering, etc.; to help them effectively facilitate others through their life’s endeavors. 


Our Founder is self-defined, self-determined and an Africentric visionary. Our Lady of Liberty remains a life-long soulmate; searching through information and experiencing events in our complex environment help our members reach our individual and collective goals. 


Africans in America have longed to develop our full human potential and power in our complex environment without institutional racism, white supremacy, white privilege, discrimination, and domination; therefore, at LINK-UP 2 LIFT-UP we operationalize Africentric ideals, principles, and methods that are designed to eradicate generational poverty and ignorance amongst disenfranchised populations; while simultaneously creating self-sufficient, self-sustaining, and independent Americans of the enslaved Africans.

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Political Philosophy:

We, Citizen Africans in the United States, believe it is important to embrace our Diversity in our Pluralistic Society to achieve Harmony, Understanding, and Acceptance of our Human Differences to maximize our Human Capacity in preparing for a future beyond our current conceptual thinking for the benefit of our future generations.

What Are We About

We are citizen Africans in the United States who have answered the call to leadership. As soulmates, we understand that we each are learners and leaders. Citizen Africans in the United States consciously exercise leadership over our families, bands of friendships, and communities throughout the U.S. society.

Why Do We Exist

LINK-UP 2 LIFT-UP, INC. was established for three primary reasons: (1) to address the 400 years of oppression that is supported by Institutional Racism in the United States, and (2) to address our unique socio-ethnic group’s problems and potential and (3) to promote peace, unity, and prosperity of Africans in the United States and at home; as we unite as one in the 21st century.

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