Sorting through Our Culture Kingdom for Our Future Generations


LINK-UP 2 LIFT-UP tells about the problems that institutional racism creates for African
Americans. This wokebook details “how to” develop creative solutions to our individual and
collective problems. LINK-UP 2 LIFT-UP is written from an emic perspective with both
objective content and subjective experiences that (a) examine how African Americans are
regarded in the United States, (b) address the diverse types of African Americans, and (c) share
personal stories that reflect how Africentric models, techniques, and resources can help African
Americans overcome the unique problems that our soci-ethnic group face so that we can meet
our individual and collective goals. 


LINK-UP 2 LIFT-UP: Sorting through Our Culture Kingdom for Future Generations is
a Wokebook that boldly offers a humble route towards mental liberation and total independence
for African Americans; as was espoused by one of our nation’s founding fathers, Thomas
Jefferson; in his ideological Declaration of Independence. 


Over the course of my adult life, several people have encouraged me to write books. This
calling has been over me at least two decades. I was too busy putting up a resistance against the
various forms of institutional racism as a black American of African descent whose ancestors
were entered into the United States as a slave. Put simply, I have endured many hardships and
mystical experiences taking the road less traveled fighting to achieve my dreams with dignity
and acceptance as a co-worker in American culture. The road less traveled delt with resisting
aspects of capitalism and materialism to limit the level of institutional racism. For nearly a
decade, I lived the experience of our poor with the developed and natural intelligence and insight
of our well educated. I took mental notes but spoke very little in-depth to escape others’
labels Until George Floyd, I silenced or suppressed my voice. My emic perspectives were
stunted because I co-exist in a hostile and complex environment as an African American woman
in the south. I was vulnerable in every aspect. However, when the nation woke up in May 2020, I
knew it was time for me to erupt with fiery flames of black truths from the lived experience of
my black life. After twenty years of encouragement from others, on July 8, 2020, I committed to
a 30-day writing project. The outcome was this book. 


This wokebook is written from the lived experiences of an African American mother and
grandmother. The content written in LINK-UP 2 LIFT-UP enables readers to vicariously
experience life in the darkness as the author reflects back over her life and the African American
socio-ethnic group’s collective history in the United States so that we can propel our future
generations into the light – achieving their dreams and full human potential as citizen African
Americans. LINK-UP 2 LIFT-UP will appeal to many people who believe in the American
ideology that with college education and character development this is the "land of
opportunities”. However, in reality many African Americans learn through experience that most
upward opportunities expose African Americans to many negative things, such as unhealthy or
fake relationships, unequal contracts, compromising one’s integrity, and lack of knowledge of

one’s culture; to name a few. Finally, this first of its kind “wokebook”; will appeal to anyone who
believes that the next generation can be confident in their FUTURE because of the ACTIONS
we take today. 


LINK-UP 2 LIFT-UP is relevant in today’s society because this wokebook examines
from emic perspectives the descendants of slaves’; experience in the United States from historical,
political, and social contexts. LINK-UP 2 LIFT-UP is relevant in today’s society because
this wokebook offers insight on “how to” create solutions to the many problems institutional
racism creates for African Americans on a daily basis. Finally, LINK-UP 2 LIFT-UP is
relevant in today’s society because this wokebook details ideology that will keep our engaged
and intellectually energized people working to abolish institutional racism: while simultaneously
creating an institution of pluralism for every citizen. 


This first of its kind “wokebook”; is the beginning of a series of wokebooks that will give
insight and instruction to help people of diverse backgrounds LINK-UP 2 LIFT-UP. LINK-UP 2
LIFT-UP is unique because it is written from an Africentric scholar’s emic perspectives. The
author voluntarily gave up her middle-class lifestyle to live a purposeful life to help others in the
community improve the quality of their lives. Finally, this wokebook has both objective
(research based) and subjective (personal life stories) and can help many people approach the
topic of institutional racism that African Americans go through in more culturally sensitive and
informative ways. 



  •  Advertised in the NY Times Sunday Book Review, Best Seller– November 2020 
  • Listing on Bookmad (Critics Review) 
  •  US Review of Books (w/ Eric Hoffer) 
  • Pacific Book Review – Express (w/ Pacific Book Awards)