LINK-UP 2 LIFT-UP: Pilgrimage to Africa for Natural Healing in Ghana (PANHG) Platform

This platform is for anyone, but especially for individuals of African descent who want to set a goal to return to the east for culturally enlightening and life-changing experiences. There are three levels of PANHG that are each meaningful, educational, entertaining, and powerful.
Consider booking your next vacation with LINK-UP 2 LIFT-UP: Pilgrimage to Africa for Natural Healing in Ghana (PANHG).

Educational and Entertainment


Kokrobite Beach in Accra, Ghana

Kokrobite Beach is a quiet and relaxing place to have fun in the African sun, to play in the ocean’s waves, and enjoy spending time with family and friends (new ones and old ones). Enjoy Reggae vibes, fresh lobster and fish, drinks, laughter, and so much more! Register for this tour to Link-Up, Drink-up, and Turn up at the Kokrobite Beach!

Cape Coast Beach in Cape Coast, Ghana

Cape Coast Beach is one of the most breath-taking and memorable experiences for descendants of enslaved Africans. By day, relax: enjoy our African brothers and sisters with cultural dances and shows, play in the refreshing waves and oceanic currents that once carried our great ancestors away to the Americas. By night, vibe: enjoy the local bars, restaurants, and clubs while looking at the Cape Coast Castle; knowing that our great ancestors are in jubilee with us. There is no greater feeling. We have returned to pay homage to their suffering, so that we can mentally, spiritually, and physically, heal from our modern-day suffering. Africans unite with Link-Up 2 Lift-Up!

Black Star Square in Accra Ghana –

Black Star Square is located in Accra, Ghana and is the very popular grounds known for Freedom and Justice. There is so much to learn during this visit. Be sure to discuss with your tour group some contemporary historical topics, such as Ghana – the first sub-Saharan African country to take its independence on March 6, 1957 from their colonial master, the British Rule. It is on these very grounds where President Kwame Nkrumah declared Ghana’s Independence!

Take plenty of pictures and have great fun with Link-Up 2 Lift-Up in the historic Black Star Square!

Cape Coast Castle in Cape Coast, Ghana -

This is the essence of Sankofa – to go back and fetch it. This is a life-changing experience – to individually connect to our great ancestors’ experience. These humble grounds are the purpose to Link-Up 2 Lift-Up. To walk their path while learning their realities, is the common experience we need to spark a positive social change in us and for our future generations.

Kakum National Park in Cape Coast, Ghana –

Kakum National Park is for nature lovers who like thrills and challenges. Learn of the natural healing within this preserved environment. Walk on the wild side on the suspended Canopy Walkways! Register for this tour to join us in our exploring of nature in Cape Coast, Ghana.

Bonfire on the Beach Meet and Greet –

The Soft Metal Music entertainers will host a beach bonfire near the Orange Beach Resort and Cape Coast Castle. This is our official Link-Up 2 Lift-Up meet and greet ceremony that will start our cultural and natural healing in Ghana! Akwaaba!

Symple Life Studios –

The Symple Life Studios is a 2-hour tour that entertains visitors with a live musical session with various artists in Ghana. The Symple Life tourist attraction includes a bottle of wine (per five guests) and a hookah to set the vibes right for music, magic, and more. For an additional cost, the Symple Life tourist attraction includes a recorded karaoke session for participants to keepsake their precious memories. Register for this tour to join Ghana’s superstars in action.

W.E.B. Du Bois Centre –

The W.E.B. Du Bois Centre is where our official Link-Up 2 Lift-Up cultural and natural healing banquet will unfold. This facility is the final resting place of William Edward Burghardt Du Bois who is notably known as a philosopher, activist, journalist, sociologist, novelist, historian, and critic that worked throughout his life to examine the race problem that continues to divide the Africans at home and abroad. To walk through the museum and examine the portraits of Dr. King, Malcolm X, King Selassie, Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and many others is a powerful energy. Come walk, talk, and learn from our ancestors! It brings a natural mental healing.

Cultural Vibes -

The African Foundation Dance Theatre (AFODAT) is a dance troupe under Artistic Director, Samuel Akpalu. The AFODAT troupe is comprised of young dancers from diverse ethnic backgrounds ranging in age from 10 to 35 years old and exemplifies what is best about our world. A truly multicultural company, the children have discovered that dance is an international language. AFODAT hopes that dancers and audiences alike will be inspired to (a) connect to other cultures, (b) provide participants with drama, handcrafting, and musical enrichment, and (c) contribute to the understanding and friendship between different ethnic groups in Ghana. Register for this tour to join us in our cultural vibes in Cape Coast, Ghana.

Religious/Spiritual Services and Humanitarian Causes –

Glorious Powerful Praise International Ministries – is founded by Reverend John Minnow who began outreach ministry in 1995 with the goal to serve humanity through preaching the unfeigned love of God to all people. Glorious Powerful Praise International Ministries is a religious non-governmental organization that is company limited by Guarantee registered in November 2013. Register for this tour to join us in our humanitarian services in Cape Coast, Ghana.

The Pouring of Libations which is a means of communications between The Most High and lesser beings or spirits through Mother Earth.

Additional Tourist Opportunities include: Popular hotspots, night clubs, shopping mall,
local markets, etc.

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