“Citizen” Africans in the United States envision an American culture of well-informed citizens who are empowered by our leaders and our leaders are empowered by us; as we collaboratively work within our republic democratically to promote American values: right to life, liberty, equality, justice, pursuits of happiness for every human being. 


 “Citizen” Africans in the United States are transformational and dedicated to full concentration on our future generations by making data-driven decisions that will competently, transparently, systemically, democratically, and ethically to promote our republic and values for our unique socio-ethnic group.  


  1. Mindset – “Citizen” Africans in the United States’ prove that attitudes, beliefs, and actions manifest evidence that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE with a positive frame of thinking. 
  1. Responsive – “Citizen” Africans in the United States’ exercise with full authority our unalienable rights entitled to us by nature and God (e.g., life, liberty, equality, justice, peace, and the pursuit of happiness); as we advance through life’s challenges; while intentionally interacting with others.  
  1. Dignity “Citizen” Africans in the United States’ demonstrate respect for self-and-others while advocating for human, civil, unalienable and constitutional rights.  

Infrastructure of the Mind 


LINK-UP 2 LIFT-UP envisions a culture of well-informed people who are encouraged by our God and nature to work in unity to promote local, state, and internationally based plans that can be facilitated where ever THE PEOPLE have a will to collaborate and share information that will guide in advancing our revolution to unite Africans worldwide.

If you are interested in contributing please link up. Some may even aspire to submit your community-based ideas and plans with proper citations/references, so that we may confirm the accuracy of the material to possibly be included in our collection of resources. After this vetting process, we will add your intellectual contribution to our growing Infrastructure of the Mind Archives for us to lift up now and for future generations.

Thank you for being you!!!!



Can we count on you?