for Our Future Generations  

Working towards our Vision  

There is an exhaustive amount of citizen-oriented opportunities to engage in democracy including but not limited to the official Link-Up 2 Lift-Up Platformsand the following:  

  • Citizens for a Pluralistic Society focus on moving beyond understanding that we diverse into accepting our human differences and co-existing democratically.   
  • Citizens for Recreational Development focus on the recreational facilities for young people, families, to improve relationship behaviors in the community.   
  • Citizens for Economic Opportunities focus on decreasing poverty in the United States.   
  • Citizens for a Sustainable Earth focus on preserving and protecting our Environment. 
  • Citizens for Community Policing focus on improving the quality of services provided by our Justice Peace Warriors.  
  • Citizens for an Effective Representative Government focus on committing to the progress of the country: Onward; to make our future generations better than the last.